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A Chorus Line

May 2022
The Yale University Theatre

The Yale Dramatic Association 2022 Commencement Musical

“Who am I anyway? Am I my resumé?”

     This is the sentiment that sets off the stories told in A Chorus Line, and it is a sentiment that every graduating senior is acutely, painfully familiar with. It is this sentiment that unites all the characters you will see on this stage tonight, as they fight to make themselves stand out in the line and earn their place in a system that seeks to make them “One.” 

     The great challenge of staging a show like A Chorus Line is the expectation that comes along with it. This show is iconic, and so much of its construction in the past has been heavily dependent on the original production of the piece, from the memorability of the lyrics to the opening choreography. Thus, so much of the process of this production has been rooted in marrying and paying homage to the moments and portrayals that made this show the cultural touchstone that it is while also reimagining the narrative in new ways. 

     In working through the script on my own and with the actors, it became clear that there is an inherent insidiousness in the premise of the show that has often gone underemphasized. In inviting the auditioners to spill their life stories, inspirations, and traumas at the drop of a hat, Zach, the director, forces them into a place of commodifying their own feelings in front of strangers, which in many ways, reflects the realities of what it’s like to live and work in America: bare your soul to get the job, then become invisible once you do, blending in with everyone else. 

     The seventeen people you will see navigate Zach’s audition room all buy into this process, to varying degrees, and regardless of their incredible performances, only half of them are rewarded for the labor they endure in this room. Even as Zach begins to question his methods, he doesn’t stop, and even as the auditioners watch each other’s stories, realize their similarities, and build friendships, they never stop performing, attempting to beat each other. And it is exhausting.

     But, of course, this show is not meant to be depressing, nor do we seek to unsettle your perception of the state of the world in our reimagining of it. In this process of storytelling, we are reminded of the value of our individuality. Each of the characters in this show has a moment to shine in equal measure, and regardless of who gets the job in the end, it is their humanity you will remember -- their individual stories. I have said since the start of this process that A Chorus Line is about the value of our individuality in the face of systems that would reduce us to anonymity, and that is the exact sentiment we hope to impart on the graduating class. As you go on to whatever the next stage in your life may look like, you will encounter many Zachs, but just like the seventeen dancers you’ll hear stories from today, remember that your humanity is what matters most, far more than whether you end up on the line. 

     As hard as it may be to remember, especially at an institution like Yale, we are all more than our resumés. 

Director's Note

Production Photos

Photos by James Han
Show Clips and/or Full Production Footage Available Upon Request

Production Team

Cast and Band

Director: Madison Cole
Producers: Sydney Bryant, Alex Whittington

Choreographers: Hank Graham, Santana Vannarath
Musical Directors: Nicole Lam, Noah Vinogradov 

Orchestra Director: Jun-Davinci Choi

Stage Manager: Eliza MacGilvray 

Set Designer: Claire Sattler

Lighting Designer: Eitan Acks
Sound Designer and Engineer: Naomi Schwartzburt

Costume Designers: Claire Donnellan, Joaquin Medrano

Props Designer: Katrina Starbird

Technical Director: Audrey Kolker

Head Electrician: Kara Amar

Head Rigger: James Han

Dramaturg: Sophie Dvorak

Makeup Artists: Perri Hawkins, Carson White

Graphic Designer: Mikayla Johnson

Associate Producer: Spencer Staak

Associate Stage Manager: Coryell Smith

Assistant Directors: Aaron Magloire, Beza Tessema

Assistant Producers: Chesed Chap, Clara Yuste-Golob 

Assistant Choreographer: Keya Gupta

Assistant Musical Director: Ethan Treiman

Assistant Stage Managers: Alika Osadolor-Hernandez, Rivi Wijesekera

Assistant Set Designer: Mikayla Johnson

Assistant Lighting Designer: Rhayna Poulin 

Assistant Sound Designer: Miriam Huerta

Assistant Sound Engineer: Grace Parmer

Assistant Head Electricians: Corinne Evans, Ryan Polster

Assistant Makeup Artists: Olivia Ridley, Keira Spall

Sets Crew: Argyris Giannisis Manes, Perri Hawkins, Leana Hoang, Aryan Sehgal, Abbie Thomas, Casey Tonnies, Jack Tripp

Lights Crew: Francis Fedora, Burton Lyng-Olson, Clara Montgomery

Sound Crew: James Han, Samuel Ostrove, Luc Ta, Adam Wassilchalk

Costumes Crew: Guiliana Duron, Kaia Mladenova

Spotlight Operators: Samuel Ostrove, Maya McGrory

Zach: Armanti Reed

Larry: Micah Greyeyes

Mark Anthony: Maxwell Brown

Bebe Benzenheimer: Rebecca Salzhauer

Shiela Bryant: Stella Sekoff

Val Clark: Lauren Marut

Mike Costa: Josh Ellis

Al DeLuca: Sam Ahn

Cassie Ferguson: Victoria Pekel

Gregory Gardner: Jeffrey Steele

Don Kerr: Sean Luc Rogers

Bobby Mills: Bradley Nowacek

Diana Morales: Kristen St. Louis

Paul San Marco: Jordi Bertrán Ramírez

Judy Turner: Malia Munley

Kristine Urich-DeLuca: Meridian Monthy

Richie Walters: Zachary Redhead-Leconte

Maggie Winslow: Kyra Gee

Connie Wong: Serena Feniger

Butch: Clarabel Chen

Frank: Clare Wu

Lois: Lexi Dalrymple

Roy: Tadea Martín-Gonzalez

Tom: Aya Ochiai

Tricia: Keya Gupta

Vicki: Olivia O'Connor

Dance Ensemble: Clarabel Chen, Lexi Dalrymple, Keya Gupta, Tadea Martín-Gonzalez, Aya Ochiai, Olivia O'Connor, Clare Wu

Understudy: Olivia Ridley

Keys 1: Nicole Lam

Keys 2: Griffin Strout

Keys 3: Sharon Ahn

Trumpet 1: Aiden Magley

Trumpet 2: Risha Chakraborty

Tenor Trombone: Cody Uman

Bass Trombone: Fernando Trejos

Reeds 1: Emily He, Jessica Liu, Noah Vinogradov

Reeds 2: Jalen Li, Michael Chen

Reeds 3: Eli Gilbert, Daniel Denney

Reeds 4: Pax Ryan

Bass: Pranik Chainini

Percussion 1: Max Su

Percussion 2: Nevin George

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