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Written Work


InfernaWhen a naïve teenaged girl in 1960s Australia becomes pregnant, she is placed into a church-run maternity asylum where she must carry out her pregnancy alone. 

Inspired by true events. 

Culver City Tree FarmOver the course of five holiday seasons at a Christmas tree lot in semi-suburban Los Angeles, a young queer couple grows together and apart. 

This Other Thing: A nonbinary person falls for a straight man. Their roommate falls for the closeted boy who lives across the hall. His roommate struggles to hold her relationship together in the face of impossible circumstances.

Custody (in development): A divorce lawyer is forced to face her unprocessed traumas when her newest case bears an uncomfortable resemblance to her own childhood.


Heaven and Hell (in development): A young Demon sneaks into Heaven to live among the Angels, but what was meant to be a mission to better his and his family's circumstances grows infinitely more complicated when he joins forces with, and begins to fall for, the Archangel's daughter, who's leading a grassroots revolution to overthrow her father's rule.

Music and Lyrics by Bairon Reyes Luna.

Transient (in development): A young lesbian runs away from her oppressive family to live homeless in New York City, but even as she tries to build a new life for herself, her traumatic past follows her everywhere she goes. Based on a true story. 

Music and Lyrics by Syd Bakal.

Film and Television

Persevere (TV series in development): A young queer girl thinks she's the only person left in the world with telepathic superpowers deemed dangerous by international governments, until she finds others; but just when she thinks she is safe, a dangerous new enemy threatens to destroy her and everyone she loves. 

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