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Artist's Statement

Theatre is a reflection of the realities of life. Whether that reality is idealized, deconstructed, twisted, rearranged, or something else on stage is the artist’s choice, but it is reality nonetheless.


I am not interested in making perfect theatre. I am not interested in writing perfect plays or directing them, because life is a mess. Characters are just people who happen to serve a story and who have the luxury of only ever existing within their singular, streamlined narrative. Within that narrative, it is the artist’s job to find the messy humanity of those characters in such a way that we forget what we’re watching is merely a story.


To find the messiness in the carefully constructed and to unleash it in all its glory.

Madison Cole (any pronouns) is a London-based theatre and film maker originally from Los Angeles, California. They have a dual B.A. in English and Theatre Studies from Yale University with concentrations in Playwriting and Directing, respectively. They hold US Citizenship, Irish Residency, and a UK HPI visa, and thus the right to work in all three of those nations.

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