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Madison Cole (any pronouns) is a theatre and film maker based in London. They have a dual B.A. in English and Theatre Studies from Yale University with concentrations in Playwriting and Directing, respectively. Recently, they directed the sold-out world premiere of Daughters of the Pirate Queen at the National Concert Hall of Ireland.

She is currently assistant directing A Stan is Born, set to transfer to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this summer, as well as The Worst Witch at the Tower Theatre, and Edward II at the Camden Fringe Festival. Her original play Inferna is set to have a public reading at the Alma Tavern Theatre in Bristol in the coming months.

Earlier this year, Madison served as Trainee Assistant Director to director Hunter Bird on Bronco Billy: The Musical at the Charing Cross Theatre. They also recently worked as 1st AD to award-winning cinematographer Steven Fierberg on the film The Spirit Lock, scheduled to release in late 2024.


In 2023, they served as script supervisor for the premiere production of Shimmer, a new musical by Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Anthony Davis, Tony-nominated lyricist Michael Korie, and Guggenheim Fellow Sarah Schulman. 

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Artist's Statement

Theatre is a reflection of the realities of life. Whether that reality is idealized, deconstructed, twisted, rearranged, or something else on stage is the artist’s choice, but it is reality nonetheless.


I am not interested in making perfect theatre. I am not interested in writing perfect plays or directing them, because life is a mess. Characters are just people who happen to serve a story and who have the luxury of only ever existing within their singular, streamlined narrative. Within that narrative, it is the artist’s job to find the messy humanity of those characters in such a way that we forget what we’re watching is merely a story.


To find the messiness in the carefully constructed and to unleash it in all its glory.

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