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A Few Good Men

March 2022
Whitney Theatre

A Yale University Theatre Studies Senior Project in Directing for Madison Cole and in Acting for Kyra Gee

Director's Note

People of the Jury,


     You are about to receive a lot of information. You might be confused by some of it, but you may not ask for clarification. You may not speak, you may not raise your hand, you may not steer the conversation – you may only receive what we give you and hope it is enough. Because of that, you might not agree with the outcome of this trial. You might argue on your walks or drives or flights home with your fellow jurors over whether justice was served, but you may only draw your own conclusions, and cast your verdict. 

     Today, you will see people who are trapped. You will watch as these people struggle against the systems in which they are supposed to believe. As you witness these people come to terms with the corruption inherent in these systems, you will see the fragility of justice and honor. Among those who once believed in these systems, you will see some make it out alive, some set free, some put in handcuffs, and some dead. 

     Through all of this, you will witness the degrees to which people and systems perform their own importance, knowledge, and dedication to justice. You will see attorneys who position the truth, and marines who claim to hate casualties. You will see men who are referred to as children, and children who are expected to be men. And within this world, you will watch a confident, relentless woman do her job.  

     You may already be familiar with some of the facts of the case at hand, and thus you may have some of your own ideas about how this story should be told. Maybe you’ve brought those ideas into this courtroom with you. We’d like to ask you to put those expectations aside, because in all likelihood, you will not see those familiar representations today.

     This is a play about a lot of things – the law, the military, sexism, power – but most importantly, this is a play about two kids being scapegoated, and the one woman who was willing to put everything on the line to save them. 

Thank you for your attention.

Production Photos

Photos by Alexandra Contreras-Montesano and Olivia O'Connor
Show Clips and/or Full Production Footage Available Upon Request

Production Team


Director: Madison Cole
Producers: Lily Perez, Naomi Schwartzburt

Stage Manager: Sophia Dopico

Set Designer: Claire Sattler

Lighting Designer: Beza Tessema

Costume Designers: Christine Ho, Lillie Horton
Sound Designer: Danielle de Hearne

Props Designer: Katrina Starbird

Fight Choreographer: Kelsey Rainwater

Head Electrician: Kara Amar

Dramaturg: Sydney Bryant

Cinematographer: Annaelise Kennedy

Graphic Designer: JR Im

Makeup Artists: Cleopatra Mavhunga, Kara O'Rourke

Associate Stage Manager: Hemakshi Gordy

Assistant Directors: Lauren Marut, Olivia O'Connor

Assistant Producers: Marissa Blum, Emma McAteer

Assistant Stage Managers: Isabella Marin Quintero, Coryell Smith

Assistant Set Designer: AJ Laird

Assistant Lighting Designer: Rhayna Poulin

Assistant Costume Designer: Maya McGrory

Assistant Sound Designer: Marissa Blum

Assistant Props Designer: AJ Laird

Assistant Dramaturg: Sophie Dvorak

Assistant Cinematographer: Olivia Charis

Assistant Makeup Artists: Perri Hawkins, Evelyn Huilin Wu

Lt. Cdr. Joanne Galloway: Kyra Gee

Lt. j.g. Daniel Kaffee: Calum Baker

Lt. j.g. Sam Weinberg: Aaron Magloire

Lt. Col. Nathan R. Jessep: Sean Luc Rogers

Lt. Jonathan James Kendrick: Cal Barton

Cpt. Matthew Markinson: Carson White

LCpl. Harold W. Dawson: Armanti Reed

PFC Louden Downey: Lukas Bacho

Lt. Jack Ross: Bradley Nowacek

Col. Julius Randolph: Joaquin Medrano

Cpl. Jeffrey Owen Howard: José Sarmiento

Cdr. Walter Stone, MD: Meridian Monthy

Cpt. Isaac Whitaker: Rivi Wijesekera

PFC William T. Santiago: Joaquin Medrano

MPs, Lawyers, et al.: Meridian Monthy, José Sarmiento, Rivi Wijesekera

Understudies: Jordi Bertrán Ramírez, Lauren Marut

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