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Heaven and Hell

April 2022
Whitney Theatre

A Yale University Theatre Studies Senior Project in Musical Theatre Composition for Bairon Reyes Luna

Show Synopsis

      Tired of the painstaking life he and his family live in Hell, a bright young Demon, Gabriel, breaks the highest law of the realm by sneaking into Heaven to live amongst the Angels. However, what started as a well-intentioned -- however ill-advised -- mission to better his family's circumstances grows infinitely more complicated when he joins forces with the Archangel Tobias's daughter, Angelica, who, together with her best friend Abigail, is leading a grassroots revolution to overthrow her father's rule. In an attempt to assimilate into Heaven and live undercover, Gabriel begins to learn the ways of the Angels, and in the process, begins to fall for Angelica, who in turn falls for him. Even as life seems to be going well for him up above, the fate of his mother, Deborah, and brother, Jonathan, grows more perilous, and eventuallly Gabriel is forced to choose between the world that he knows and the one he seeks to be a part of. 

A concert production of a work-in-progress. 

Production Photos

Photos by Isabelle Ramseyer
Show Clips and/or Full Production Footage Available Upon Request

Production Team


Composer and Lyricist: Bairon Reyes Luna

Director and Book Writer: Madison Cole
Producers: Grace Campos, Julian Hornos Kohl

Stage Manager: Eliza MacGilvray

Musical Director: Bairon Reyes Luna

Orchestrators: Natalie Brown, Damian Simerson

Projections Designer: Marshall Barg

Lighting Designer: Eitan Acks
Sound Designer: Lawrence Tang

Sound Engineer: Bairon Reyes Luna

Graphic Designer: Marshall Barg

Assistant Director: Joaquin Medrano

Assistant Producer: Dominic Sullivan

Assistant Lighting Designer: Jeffrey Steele

Gabriel: Jordi Bertrán Ramírez

Angelica: Soleil Singh

Deborah: Megan Ruoro

Jonathan: Jason Kisare

Abigail: Natalie Brown

Tobias: Bradley Nowacek

Elijah and others: Liam McGrath

Samuel and others: Simone Williams

Voice of God: Eliza MacGilvray

Understudies: Lauren Marut, Julian Hornos Kohl

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